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Surf station.

Surf station is the newest space station to orbit Mars. It provides a home to many people. People who work at the Mars branch of the Mars and outer planets trading post, the Ares Array and anyone else working in orbit. Surf station also houses a large numbr of people who work on the surface of Mars. As well as housing it also provides a vast number of jobs and is also a welcome to stop to anyone passing Mars in the their travels.

Surf station has only recently been built and has been named after Commandor Joanna Surf the first person to set foot on Mars.

The two parts.

The landing bay.

      The upper section of the space station is the landing bay for any space craft arriving at the station and it also provides a hanger for them. The the landing bay is large enough to hold several large space ships and the doors are wide enough to fit three regular sized space ships simultaneously.

The living quarters.

      The second part is deeper but thinner. It is cylinder that holds inside it a slightly smaller spinning cylinder. They house the living quarters and facilities. The spinning simulates gravity at nine-tenths of a gee at the edge and reducing as you go in to zero gravity at the axis.

      Unlike space ships, space station have more space and so the living quarter are set out in squares with eight different living quarters surrounding a central square. The centre of the square have some king of monument, a tree, a statue or a water feature are some of the more popular options. There are short passages connecting to other squares and are also bike passages running parallel. The squares themselves are set out in blocks of eight by eight with an open area like a park or a pond or an old fashioned looking market place in the centre.

      Surf station has plenty of pubs, big or small, noisy or quiet. What ever suits your tastes. It also has swimming pools, zero gravity play rooms, botanitcal gardens, bowling alleys and many other facilities to keep residents and visitors alike happy.
      If you are passing through the Martian system it it definatly worth a visit.

Bars & Pubs.
The Dog & Wombat.
The Green Lion.
The Jolly Morris Dancer.
The Jolly Herring.
Night Clubs.
The Quark.

The Yateley Morris Men.

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