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Posedion's Child.

The Seven Sisters.

Sharing the orbit of Neptune but on the other side of the Sun, Posedion's Child is found. Posedion, the Greek name for Neptune, Roman god of the sea, was father to the cyclops'. Poesidon's Child being a single radio telescope is 'The Eye' into space and gains its name that way. It is the largest radio telescope in the Solar System.
      The dish of Posedion's Child is 20,000 feet (6,100 meters) across and being near to the edge of habitable space means that interplanetary communications provide only the minimum of interference. The telescope is usually automated and isn't owned by any one company. If another radio or optical telescope or array picks up something interesting, it will often send a request for Posedion's Child to take a look.

Living on the telescope.

      Although Posedion's Child is automated, it is frequently visited by technicians to check the sytems and provide repairs and ungrades. One or two astronomers will often come with them to spend some time there. There are living sections but with only the minimum of faciliteis since it isn't designed to be lived on like the Ares Array
      The living section of Posedion's Child simulates gravity by spinning and provides visitors with one 10th of a gee. There are a few leisure facilities like a games room and there is belived to be a swimming pool. There is one small bar called 'The Odyssey', however the visitors need to bring along their own bar tender. Sleeping quarters are shared with two bunks and a shared shower per a cabin.
      Spaceships out that far that need something to have a look at usually stay in orbit to avoid two days worth of slowing down and will ask the computers to look at what interests them. It is however an added bonus if there are technicians and astronomers at the telescope.

The baby array.

      Posedion's Child usually works alongside the Ares Array. The Ares Array being second in size, often has requests for Posedion's Child and most astronmers that take the trip out there are from the Ares Array. The Ares Array in fact, does like its astronomers to do shift on the Ares Array at somepoint early in their time at Ares.


      Transport to Posedion's Child is usually provided by who ever is going there, since Neptune is on the other side of the Sun, the only likely stop that far out would be Pluto. Since Pluto has only two colonies on it, transport rarely goes there and Pluto isn't always in the right place for Posedion's Child to be a stop off point.

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