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Ares Array.

The more I talk about it, the bigger it gets!

The more I talk about it, the bigger it gets!

Situated in orbit around Mars, named after the Greek god of war, the same god that Mars was named after, the Ares Array is the second largest radio telescope in the Solar System.
      The Ares Array is the oldest orbiting telescope still in use and was constructed 150 years ago. It consists of nine satellite dishes, each five times the diameter of the Arecibo radio dish on Earth. They are mounted on a frame with a final smaller dish pointing at Mars that collects the data once the array has finished with it.

Living on the array.

      Along one side is a spinning cylinder which is the only habitable part of the array. The spin simulates the same gravity as Mars (0.378 that of Earth) and the cylinder houses offices and living quarters to anyone living 'on-site'.
      Most people however live near by on Surf station.

The largest array.

      The only telescope bigger than the Ares Array is Poseidon's Child that shares the orbit of Neptune with the planet itself. A larger array is planned to be built at the edge of the Oort cloud to allow the comet miners to communicate with the Solar System since it's five astronomical units away.

Supernova watching.

      The Ares Array like all other telescopes is at the present waiting for the 'firework' and will give it it's complete attention for the entire duration. Depending when Betelgeuse goes supernova, if Poseidon's Child is on the wrong side of the Solar System at the time, the Ares Array is quite likely to get the first and possibly best view.

Transport and co-operation.

      The Ares Array carries six space ships which are named after the six space shuttles of the 20th century. Each ship is used to go to a different place largely due to its name.
      Instead of being in competition with Poseidon's Child, the two arrays work together and have greatly increased our understanding on the Universe.

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