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Job offer.

When electronic items are built repairs it is inevitable from time to time. As time goes by, more repairs need to be made and circuits are cross wired or adjusted or upgraded.
      On the older bases of the Mars and outer planets trading post, it has got to the state where the circuits bear absolutly no resemablance to the available circuit diagram. Without an up to date one the technicains don't dare touch anything. It is even thought than an up to date one would be much too confusing to be of much use.
      We need someone to muddle through all the curcuits on the bases between Mars and Uranus and either return them to the avalible circuit diagram or simplify them as much as possible and draw a new curcuit diagram. They would then be needed to be around to make sure this never happens again.

Job requirements.

      The requirements for the job is and Masters grade in the SWAAE in electrionics or the equivilent of higher in other exams.
      If you are interested you will need to take five minute test to prove your skills in trading. If you pass a request will be sent to Cassini Station from your nearest Mars and outer planets trading post communications satellite. Transport from where ever you are to Cassini station will be paid for and arranged.

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