Mars and outer planets trading post.

Cassini station.

Titan, home moon of the Mars and outer planets trading post.

In orbit around the second largest moon in the Solar System, the largest moon of the second largest planet in the Solar System is Cassini station. Named after the space probe that went to Saturn at the start of the millenium and ferried Huygens probe to land on and study Titan. The probe in turn was named after Giovanni Cassini who discoverd the Saturnian moons Iapetus in 1671, Rhea in 1672 and Tethys and Dione in 1684 and also discovered the gap between rings A and B known as the Cassini division. Huygens probe was named after Christiaan Huygens who disocoverd Titan in 1655.
      Saturn, also known as The Lord Of The Rings, is best known for its impressive ring system. Saturn was also belived to be the last planet in the Solar System for thousands of years until Uranus was discovered in 1781 by William Herschel with a home-made telescope.

Cassini and his 'sister'.

      There are two space stations in orbit around Titan that look identical. The furthest one out is Cassini station while the other is residenital. In fact Titan is the only moon to have two of this type of residential stations around it and Cassini station is the only residential type station that actually contains a business.

Home sweet home.

      Cassini station is the home to the Mars and outer planets trading post. It is our home and main repository. It does have residential places for housing some of our employees but it mainly comprises of offices and store rooms and has possibly the busiest communications board in the Solar System. In fact it is so busy that strict rules have been made to any communications sent here to filter out unwanted ones. We also however still have to employ a huge numbers of highly skilled people to wade through all the requests, offers and other messages we get daily.

      If you want to contact Cassini station the rules have to be followed to the letter. The message must include a subject which must be from one of the choices listed below.

      When sending a message make sure we can reply to it. Due to the amount of messages that come through us daily yours may take a little while to be answered but all messages with a relevent subject are looked at.

Mars and outer planets trading post.

Contact us: maoptp@titan.saturn.sol

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