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Globe station.

Titania, the largest moon of Uranus.

In both Roman and Greek mythology, Uranus was the father of the Titans. However in a break in tradition, the moons of the planet Uranus are named after characters in English litriture. The largest moon, Titania, is named after the queen of the fairies in William Shakespear's "The Midsummer Night's Dream". Since William Shakespear wrote most of his plays in a theatre known as the Globe Theatre, the main space station in the Uraniun System is named after the Globe Theatre.

      Globe station was the first residential staion of it's type to be built. There is only one station of this type around each of the planets with the exception on Saturn. The stations are located around the largest moon of the gas giants and around the main planet with the terestiral planets with the exceptions of Mercury and Venus.

Across the void.

      Since Uranus is on the other side of the void and the next stop after Saturn's orbit, Globe station is popular for people who have either just crossed the void or are about to. It is designed to allow people to relax after the most disliked part of the Solar System.

The leasure facilities.

      Globe station is known to have some very good leasure facilities and this makes it popular for anyone in the Uranian system, whether they are passing though, working for the Mars and outer planets trading post, finishing a holiday on Miranda or one of the many other reasons you have for ventureing across the void.
      The most famous swimming pool in the Solar System is on Globe station and makes it famous in another aspect. Everyone on Globe station even if they can't swim will not leave without having a look at The Archipelago.

      A warm welcome awaits anyone who wishes to visit Globe station and we are eager to please all. Anyone who feels dissatisfied needs only to tell someone who will make sure that it would be in their best interest to stop by again.

The Archipelago.

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