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The Archipelago.

Globe station's swimming pool is the most famous pool in the Solar System. It is made to look like a tropical paradise of islands and warm water which gives it its name The Archipelago. The features The Archipelago has are extreamlly numerous and so the look of the swimming pool is only an added feature when you find what you can do there.
      The water is warm like any other heated swimming pool but made to the same heat as the waters in the Carribean. It is mostly this temprature however for people who feel the cold, some times have been alloted when the water is warmed to a warmer temprtaure to suit the needs of the others. There is also a wave machine that is going all the time which give a very good illusion of swimming from one of the islands.

The features.

      The Arcipelago has two jacuzzi pools with warm water bubbling up in them, around one of them is a rough water circuit running in a figure of eight. The pool starts off shallow just like on a beach. The are various feature that squirt water periodically. There a two snakes, a volcano and water cannons and pirate gallion. There is also a slide off the gallion and a rain cloud beside it.
      The backdrop of the arcipelago is a screen going right the way round and over the roof making it look like you're really there. The effect is so realistic that many people like to come here just to sit and forget that they are over a billion miles from Earth.

The entrance.

      The larger of the jacuzzi pools over flows down one side and creates a waterfall. Behind the waterfall is one of the concealed entrances to The Arcipelago. The other entrance is behind a rise on one of the islands between two palm trees which mark the door posts.
      The entrances are colcealed simply to add to effect of realism. However many children like emerging from behind the waterfall and if you just want to sit and watch or paddle which is allowed you can enter from the desert island enteance.

The flumes.

      The Arcipelago has three flumes. On one side of the volcano is the entrance that leads to a passage that takes you up to the entrance to the flumes. The flumes are known as the Python, the Anaconda and the Boa Constrictor. They are slow, medium and fast respecitvely with the Boa Constrictor having a very steep begining.
      The flumes wind around and then exit out the mouths of snakes into what looks like a lake on one of the islands to keep people in the main pool safe. The anaconda has its mouth quite high above the pool to give the users a drop into the lake.


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