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The University of Galilee.

Ganymede, site of the Univesity of Galilee.

Situated on Ganymede, 7th moon of Jupiter and largest moon of the Solar System, named after the person who discovered Ganymede, Galileo Galilee, is the University of Galilee. The University of Galilee was built in 40 S.A. when coloniees on the moons of Jupiter, paritcularly Ganymede became popular places due to the number of moons and particularly due to the gravity since Io and Europa are the only moons in the Solar System to have a higher gravity than Ganymede.
      The University of Ganymede holds the reputation of being the best university in the Solar System. It is to the rest of the Solar System what Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard are to the Earth. Only the best of the best get into the University of Galilee but almost everyone in the Solar System tries to get a place there. Anyone who has a degree from the University of Galilee will have absolutely no problem getting a job and will often be given a job regardless of what field their degree is in.

Well suituated.

      The Univesity of Galilee is well placed on Ganymede for a number of degrees that make it the first choice for people doing those degrees both for this reason as well as the univesity's reputation. The Jovian moons have things in their favour. Io is close by for people studying vulcanology, Europa is also close for people studying alien natural history and there's also Callisto for people studying spaceship design. Plus there's Jupiter itself that offers a chance to study planetary meteorology, gravitational effects and other things.
      Ganymede is also suitable as a living place for students attending the university. Most first year students have no problems living on-site for their first year. For senior students, many of them live in the Ganymedian cities. However Ganymede also has Jupiter's main orbiting space station Galileo Station, named after the space probe that studied the Jovian system at the end of the 20th century. This means that a large number of senior students also live on Galileo Station.

A wealth of information.

      The University of Galilee's main-frame is known to have the most information after Atlas. The information that is available to students is able to greatly assist their studies and the university has its own transmission systems to send information to students who are anywhere else in the Solar System for any reason and wish to continue their studies. The information isn't just academic and there is a lot of information for leisure as well.
      The Univesity of Galilee allowed the Solar System to have access to its main-frame for a couple of hours a day for each area. This was done so as not to clog up the system and was when Atlas suffered a power failure in 312 S.A. and was down for a couple of weeks before the problem could be found and repaired.
      The University's Encyclopaedia Galactica is available to everyone.

An Atlas of The Universe

Shinning brilliance.

      The University of Galilee keeps itself aware of marks and grades from all academic establishments and in some cases offers a place to the very brightest stars in the skys! Many of these people have returned to the Univesity of Galilee as professors. All those who have been offered and accepted places have gone on to be known, always due in some part to their brilliance.

Newton, Einstein, Hawkin and Reeve.

      Newton, Einstein, Hawkin and Reeve being four of the greatest scientific minds have all had awards named after them. These awards are rarely given and only go to the great geniuses. Only the Univesity of Galilee if qualified to give them out and anyone who applies at the Univeristy with a Newton, Einstein Hawkin or Reeve award will be automatically granted a place. They will also find themselves accepted without exception to any job and if they apply themselves may one day have an award of the same class named after them!

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