Mars and outer planets trading post.

Welcome to the trading post for all dealings between Mars and the outer planets. We are also in contact with the Earth on request. At the present we are planning to expand as far as the Oort Cloud due to the trade of comet mining that is starting up, however we are still considering this and have made no decision due to the distance.

Our main headquarters are located in orbit around Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, however we have at least one branch in each planet's lunar system usually around the largest moon. However on Mars the moons are so small that we have a base on the surface and the same thing with Pluto. At the present we have no bases further out than there but we are in the process of putting some between the planets since they are so spaced out. We are at the present in the process of building one in the asteroid belt.

What we offer.

The Mars and outer planets trading post started up as a small company on the early Mars colony, being able to obtain things people needed and having to contacts to sell things that were produced. We were the connection to the Earth and Moon colonies and could arrange the transport for the goods to get to the buyer. Now we are based around Titan and anything that is sold goes through us since we can find every place between Mars and Pluto that can find you needs, whether you need a Blizzard Ramscoop or you are a weary communications monitor on the Ares Array and want a good holiday, if you have a spare space suit or you want to sell your space station. We have a reputation for good speed and the only thing that slows us down is the speed of light!


Martian cities.
                        Hotels on Mars.
Mars' Sky Hook.
Surf station.
Ares Array.

Asteroid belt.
Asteroid Belt companies.                                           The wealth around us. Jupiter.
Jupiter's star ship yard.                                               Voyage to the stars.
The University of Galilee.
                        Request a Prospectus.
The Leviathan.

Cassini station.                                                                                             Job offer.
The Library of Alexandria.
Tethys caravan park.
The Cronos stone.

Globe Station.
Herschel University.

Neptune's space ship yard.
Pegasus University.
Posedion's Child.

The Kuiper Belt.
The River Styx.

The Trieste.

Oort cloud.
Mining the Oort.                                                         The Oort Cloud.

Returning home.                                                         Deep space probes.
Nine small steps...                                                       Landing on other planets.
The firework.                                                             The Betelgeuse supernova.
SETI : Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.           Is anyone out there?
Space spiders.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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X-treme holidays.

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