Mars and outer planets trading post.

Jupiter's star ship yard.

Callisto, home of Jupiter's starship yard.

Jupiter's star ship yard is a building work shop for building spaceships in orbit around Callisto, one of Jupiter's largest moons. Recently they have been building interplanetary ships but now there are plans to send ships to the nearby stars and so they have sold their old business and are 'moving up' to build starships for interstellar travel.

The nearest stars.

The stellar neighbour hood.

      The Sun's nearest stellar neighbour is Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf so dim that it can only be seen through a telescope. Like Barnard's Star and 61 Cygni, it is believed to have planets. The biggest star in the Sun's local group is Sirius, the Dog Star. The only two like the Sun in size and brightness are Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti.

A change of job.

      The job of building starships will not be as regular as building interplanetary ships. First of all the ships will take a lot longer to build being much larger. Once this is done there shouldn't be demand for another starship until the destination star is reached.
      The first probe to go to each star will be an unmanned one and if the star has planets worth travelling to (an we wont know until the starprobe get there) then another starship will be built to take people.
      Although this means that the request will be much fewer a further between Jupiter's star ship yard believe that the change in job is a good move. More will be paid for the ships to keep them going until the next request arrives. Also there will be much more public interest in starships since interplanetary ships are very common now. They say 'Will we make the same decision when we start needing intergalactic ships?'

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