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Space Spiders.

Sitting alone in a secret position in our Solar System is belived to be a large but impressive space station. Although its position iss secret it was not though thought to be classified information and not hidden. It is just that if anyone had seen it (and this is uncertain) no one has even owned up to actually seeing it, let alone revealed its position. Although no one has ever claimed to see it there are various beliefs about it.
      It is generally known that it is huge. It is also impressive looking. Shiny, always looking brand new, lights showing where there were portholes, immaculately built but the design is what no one has ever doubted. It looks like an enormous spider. Although it doesn't seam to have any way of simulation gravity, it is believed that there was gravity inside.
No one knows how this is done. Some suggest the floor had a gravity net, or the space station has a Newton Switch, but even these suggestions are unhelpful since no one knows how to produce either of these. In fact if this space station is able to produce artificial gravity with out using central fugal force or acceleration then it is the only place in the known Universe to be able to achieve this yet.
      Everyone has their own ideas about this place but no one knows which ones were true. All anyone know for sure was that it exists, its appearance and that it is the home to the seven space spiders that roam the Solar System. It always thought of as looking as if it is sitting there minding its own business but nothing could ever be further from the truth for the spiders are trouble makes.

The early spiders.

      There are seven spider ships. When there aren't out and about causing trouble they are connected to one of the eight legs of the station. The space spiders are not the first appearance of trouble making spiders either. Seven have been separately identified bit it is believed that either there was an eighth or the eighth is being built and would allow one spider to be attached to each leg on the space station.
      The early spiders of havoc, as was another name for them, had appeared on Earth. Their origins were as much a mystery as the space spiders and it was indisputable that they were run by the same people. The first eight spiders on Earth had been large affairs that could walk around extremely speedily on their eight legs and they never toppled over of lost their balance. They roamed Asia, Africa and Europe paying no attention to any boundaries of any kind and going across country, or following roads as they pleased. No one knew where they came from or why they did what they were good at. Causing trouble appeared to be their soul purpose. Sticking their nose in anywhere. If there was some kind of dispute a spider may join in taking either side and being a third party and swapping sides as it pleased. People often found a spider chasing them and had to be extremely skilful to get away since the spiders long legs allowed it to have superior speed to most land bases vehicles and was able to travel over almost any terrain.
      Some cousins however soon joined these eight spiders being confined to one landmass. These were the water version of the spiders and used hydrofoils to skim across seas and oceans causing the same kind of trouble. They displayed the same fame for speed and manoeuvrability and their objectives remained the same. They were also known to come up rivers that joined onto the sea and could retract their legs or perform and impressive jumps of avoid bridges. The oceans were their home and they were able to travel anywhere on the globe.
      These two lots of eight spiders were again joined by a third set. These ones roamed the land but could also go across water and were quite able to travel absolutely anywhere they pleased. A popular tack tic of escaping from the land spiders was to take your car out onto the sea and the reverse if you were near land and your car was out on the sea when a water spider was chasing you. Although this was a bit of a dangerous move it usually worked but now you were in trouble when the new spiders where chasing you since they would just be able to follow you.
      What nobody knew was why. The deeds of the spiders showed no gain to them and often anyone else and no one could work out a reason. The one rule that everyone followed was stay well clear of them and if you saw one in the distance get away fast doing what ever it takes. This had several times been taken to the extreme with disastrous consequences. There had been deaths as a result to this but it was never the spiders that caused it, but those trying too hard to escape. This meant they couldn't be arrested even if anyone had dared. Every encounter had resulted in people trying to escape. No one had yet been brave enough to 'call their bluff'.

Spiders at play.

      Now the spiders have moved to space and are doing the same kind of thing. People fear them just as always but have now found there doesn't seam to be anywhere were they can be away from the spiders. People are dreading the day that a new kind of space spider may come along that can land on, and take off from planets, moons and asteroids and be as much as a pain. There are even roomers of submarine spiders on Earth.
The eighth spider ship is belivied to being built however to complete the fleet. If anyone sees the spider station they may see that the body is already joined to one of the legs and the legs of the space spider its self are being attached after that it would be free to go for a run and do as it pleased.
      It is a fond hope that the spiders will one day make their intentions known but while people wait to see if and when this day arrives, people had little choice but be afraid of them and stay well clear.

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