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Neptune's space ship yard.

Neptune has been working with a space ship yard for several years fulfilling demands for custom made space ships to people on the edge of the solar system who don't want to have to bother join the queues at Jupiter. However it has always been a small business since there are very few poeple who find it easier to go to Neptune rather than Jupiter and most people are prepared to wait rather than fly as far out as Neptune.
      Now that Jupiter's ship yard has changed to building star ships rather than space ships and since space ships are still in demand, Npetune has built a space ship yard and extended the existing one and has taken over the job of filling the demand.

New jobs and old.

      Many people who worked at Jupiter were offered a transfer if their skills were better suited to space ships rather than star ships. Even so, two ship yards still mean a huge increase in jobs. This is not only in space ship building jobs however. There has been a large increase in building jobs to house all the people since with all the space ship demands now going to Neptune the people working there would take up half the houses in Voyager Station.
      Neptune's space ship yard has also had to employ more people than there were at Jupiter to keep up to speed with the custom made demands that it dealt with originally but since there is no shortage of people in the population of the Solar System there will always be someone to fill any job space.

Speed versus safety.

      With the speed of ships always increasing, being able to accelerate faster and decelerate faster so that slowing down doesn't take too long, the solar system always seems to be getting smaller.
      However, since there is so much space debris in the solar system, safety systems are always being improved. Even a cherry stone in orbit around the Earth would be as powerful as a hand granade if it collided with anything! If space ships are to be defended against collisons with hazardous debris at the speeds they can achieve these days, then the safety systems need to be able to respond faster and become more sesnsitive as speeds continue to increase.

Time and prices.

      As with everything, in time prices drop and some people are able to afford their own craft. This means there is more of a demand for smaller craft and pleasure ships. Usually when new companies start up the prices usually go up but Neptune's space ship yard says that they should be able to avoid this. This means that no one is going to be bored around Neptune.

Ready to take off shorty after launch.

      Since the ship yard has just been built it will take a little while to get running at speed. Having said this, they assure us that they will be able to achieve the same speed and quality that Jupiter became so well known for.

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