Mars and outer planets trading post.

Interstellar Ramjet.

A ramjet will speed through space. The vessel will carry 500 colonists who are kept in hibernation chambers to slow their ageing - otherwise they will be old before they arrive at their new world.
      Clustered around the ramjets body will be cylinders that carry the colonists, tools and suppliers they will need.
      There will also be a delta-winged spaceplane that will be used to explore the target planet.

How it works.

The ramjets generators produce a giant magnetic field up to 3,000 miles across that sucks in hydrogen atoms in the ship's path. These are fed into a nuclear reactor which spews out a radio active exhaust that drives the craft at a speed approaching 186,000 miles a second.

An Interstellar Ramjet.

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Mars and outer planets trading post.

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