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The medical crisis.

The Caduceus. At the start of the 22nd century the World Medical Foundation (WMF) was set up. One of the first things they are known for is the 'Project Of Irradication'.
      Shortly after the WMF was set up, in one of their meetings it was brought up that in some parts of the world there were people suffering and even dying from diseases where a vaccination existed, e.g. tuberculoses.
      It was decided that a list of vaccinations would be made up and they would all be mass produced. The world would then be divided into sections. Several sections would be selected and people would go there and endeavour to vaccinate every person. When this was achieved people would stay behind to vaccinate and new babies or visitors while the other moved on and set to work on the next section. It was hoped that in the end the whole world could be vaccinated and the diseases wiped out. This was put underway in the middle of the 22nd century and took several decades to complete.

The irradicated diseases.

      It was decided however that a strain of each disease should be kept in case it may one day be wanted to study to combat other diseases. It was even mentioned that it was regrettable the Small Pox had eventually been destroyed. It was then revealed that one strain of Small Pox had been kept illegally. The thought was that Small Pox used so many defences that it was too valuable to be destroyed when it may help us develop vaccines of cures for future diseases that had not yet been discovered.

The escape of Small Pox.

      Although secuirty mesasure were taken to keep the diseases safe, not enough security measures were taken. A strain of Small Pox was stolen and a terrorist injected himself and started to infect people. The Small Pox was recognised but there was an epidemic in many countries and not enough vaccination in the world. It was then discovered that this strain of Small Pox had been modified to make the vaccine ineffective. It was not long before a pandemic broke out and hospitals all over the world were treating people for it when a treatment was found and a vaccine was being sought.

The medical crisis.

      All hospitals had to give treatments for different things priority numbers and refuse low priority treatments. The medical cisis lasted for 17 years. It took 9 years to find an effective vaccination for this new strain of Small Pox and then 8 years to try and vaccinate to entire planet. The pandemic was finally cleared up but the death toll was worse than both the world wars put together and this was something that could never be allowed to happen again.

The new security.

      New seciruty mesaure have been taken now and the diseases are effectively under proper 'lock and key'. They are stored on a spaceship that orbits the Solar System out past Pluto's orbit called The Trieste. The security measure seam to adaquate and the medical cisis is hoped to be a terrible episode of history that will remain histroy.

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