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The Cronos stone.

The planet Saturn.

Saturn, known in Greek mythology as Cronos, was the king of the Titans. When he tried to swallow his children, the first six of the gods, so that they wouldn't over throw him, his wife Ops, known as in Rhea in Greek mythology susitued his youngest son Jupiter, know as Zeus in Greek mythology, for a stone. The stone became known as the Cronos stone. This is the name of the smallest space station in oribt around Saturn.
      The Cronos stone is a very special space station. It design to be like a train station. All space stations have a control room and this one is called the control tower. In addition to the control tower is has a waiting room, ticket office, communications booth and coffee bar. This small station is one of the most used stations in the Solar System.

Direct link.

      The Cronos stone is so important since it is a direct link to it's sister station, Cronos' mother, in orbit around Earth. Cronos' mother was Gaia, also known as Mother Earth. Since Satrun and Earth are the main place in the Solar System for trade, commerce, business, dealing and communication and virtually everything else that goes on, a direct link between them is not only usful but important.

Speed limit.

      All spaceships in the Solar System are expected to abide by the speed limit of 3.476 megaknots. However the express spaceships travelling from the Cronos stone to Cronos' mother of the other way round have been given exclusilve permission to break this speed limit and travel at 5.4 megaknots which means a trip can take as little as five days. The routes the spaceships will take are always kept as free of debry as possible.
      New ideas are being put into place to increase the speed to allow a shorter time delay on the trip and there is a very good chance that the trip could be even shorter. However the speed that computers (and humans) can react to the situation when in flight if the cheif consideration. The Cronos stone however is the place to be if you need to get from Earth to Saturn, or Saturn to Earth in a hurry.

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