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Tethys caravan park.

Tethys, Saturn's moon known for its caravan park.

Tethys is the 9th moon out from Saturn. It is most well known for a vast caravan park on its surface. Although they are called caravans, they are mostly a lot more spacious and some of the larger ones are big enough to run a small business!
      This caravan park is the first of its type. There have been caravan parks on Earth for centuries but there's never been one on any other body. The 'caravans' on this park may be a bit more than caravans due to the size but all colonies have been part of one building or under domes where as each 'caravan' is a seperate building and you can't leave it without a space suit.

Low gravity caravaning.

      With its low gravity, due to Tethys being a lot smaller than Earth's moon, Tethys is not a good place to live on for long periods unless you plan to never move. However due to the gravity it is ideal for holidays, especially ones that involve relaxing, along with its stunning views.
      Most of the caravans are privately owned but the owners don't spend a lot of time in them. However with Saturn being the focal point in the Solar System for trade, commerce, business, dealing and communication after Earth, they are usful to have a place ready to stay in if your planning to stay of just passing through.

A place to stay.

      Tethys is usually very quiet moon wide, and there are always rental caravans available. Many of the people who have privately owned caravans make them availible for friends and family or even rent them to people they know. It's quite amazing so many friends you can make when you own a caravan!
      Tethys is a popular not to mention convenient meeting place for people to meet up if they're planning to spend a holiday together, or meet up after the holidays for example. It's around Saturn and so you're a stones throw from the 2nd center of the action and you can get to Saturn from anywhere. Also being just on the inside of the void, it makes it a convenient place to stop off, before venturing out, or a place to rest after coming out of the void if you've planned your route carfully.

Rambling around.

      Most of the habitable part of Tethys consists of the caravan park but there are a few facilities in the space port to make the stay more interesting. Plus being almost on top of Atlas means a constant supply of ready information about anything. However if you don't mind wearing a space suit, then talking a walk is also an option. It's always silent but with the moon being over one fifth the size of Titan and well over half of it's uninhabited you can have it peaceful and truely be miles away from anyone, or anywhere.

The best buys in town.

      The prices of caravans on Tethys are extremely good whether you want to buy or rent one. The value of them works as well. It really gives you 'a break away from it all' and if you buy one and rent it, it will pay for its self extremely quickly, as long as you can keep track of all you new friends!

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